Whatever your reason choosing Colorado to visit, make sure you wonder to know a bit about Greeley. In Colorado, there are many cities and destinations to visit. Unfortunately, you can’t do the trip within a day. Greeley was founded as the Union Colony in 1869. The location is in Weld Country and 49 miles away from the Denver City. Just make a visit and get to know what makes the beauty of this city and get the Northern Colorado Visitors Guide.

For your first visit, this is important to know, especially for the smokers. Even though you can’t smoke marijuana in public, Denver became the first city to legalize the use of social marijuana when voters in 2016 passed a measure that would eventually allow people to use it in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. However, city officials have begun to review license applications and there are several legal hurdles because city regulations require social marijuana sites not to be within 1,000 schools, rehabilitation facilities, and childcare centers.